Workshop Layanan Prima Pengelola Perpustakaan Unila

Dalam rangka untuk meningkatkan profesionalisme pustakawan dalam memberikan layanan kepada pemustaka di Perpustakaan Universitas Lampung, maka selama dua hari yaitu tanggal 20 – 21 Juli 2014 diselenggarakan Workshop Layanan Prima Bagi Pengelola Perpustakaan Unila, yang diikuti oleh semua pustakawan dan staf perpustakaan Unila dan petugas pengelola ruang baca fakultas di lingkungan Unila. Workshop dibuka oleh Bapak Harsono Sucipto, SH.MH. Kepala Biro Administrasi Akademis  (BAAK) mewakili Pembantu Rektor I Unila yang didampingi Kepala UPT Perpustakaan Unila Drs. Sugiyanta, S,.Sos. M.Pd. Dalam sambutannya, Bapak Harsono Sucipto mengatakan bahwa baiknya pelayanan informasi di perpustakaan harus bisa diukur kinerjanya. Bagiman rasa kepuasan pemustaka dilayani. Workshop diikuti oleh 35 orang.


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Upload Karya Ilmiah di Lakukan Mahasiswa

UNIVERSITAS LAMPUNG-Mulai wisuda periode bulan September 2014, setiap mahasiswa Unila yang telah lulus dan ingin wisuda, harus menyerahkan karya tulisnya beserta Hardcover (softcopy CD-ROM) nya ke Perpustakaan Unila. Selama ini setiap mahasiswa yang telah lulus dan mau wisuda selalu menyerahkan fisik tesis, skripsi dan atau tugas akhir ke Perpustakaan Unila, dan sejak tahun 2010 penyerahan tersbut disertai CDnya.


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Wifi (Hotspot) Perpustakaan Unila sudah berfungsi

Perpustakaan Unila telah dipasang Wifi (hotspot), sebanyak empat  unit antara lain: satu di luar gedung perpustakaan dan tiga unit di dalam gedung.

Penyediaan wifi  ini adalah  merupakan layanan public internet berbasis teknologi  Wifi/ hotspot yang disediakan oleh Universitas  Lampung untuk perpustakaan, dengan tujuan untuk memberikan kemudahan akses informasi dan ilmu pengetahuan, dengan adanya kemudahan koneksi  internet  tersebut, pengunjung perpustakaan  dapat melakukan berbagai aktivitas di dunia maya seperti browsing, chatting, email, download dan upload hingga transaksi online. Layanan wifi ini dapat diakses oleh pengunjung perpustakaan dengan menggunakan melalui login username dan pasword bagi yang telah dimiliki. Sedangkan bagi mereka yang belum memiliki login, dapat mendaftar di Puskom Unila terlebih dahulu.

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Sebagai sarana informasi kepada mahasiswa dosen dan mahasiswa Universitas Lampung, maka Perpustakaan Unila mengadakan pameran tentang buku-buku baru hasil pembelian Tahun 2013./2014 dari tanggal 4 – 7 Maret 2014 bertempat di teras lobi Perpustakaan Unila.

Dengan pameran tersebut diharapkan dapat dijadikan ajang informasi kepada mahasiswa dan dosen unila terlebih pameran ini diselenggarakan bertepatan dengan awal masuknya kuliah pada semester ganjil tahun ajaran 2013/2014, sehingga akan dapat menunjang kebutuhan bahan perkuliahan mahasiswa.


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Raw celery contains sodium calcium four times

This is because there is a kind of neutralizing effect, reducing the damage caused by intensive use of carbohydrates, destructive frame Long-term use in food will lead to a number of diseases These substances can be found in bread, flour, pasta, cereals, potatoes, any prisoner in the industrial processing of foodstuffs containing sugar, such as sweets, drinks and ice cream, and so – . In other words, almost all of them, who are happy to eat Garlic juice of the hospital, he continued to eat only raw fruits and vegetables, and the doctors were worried that I – my son and me – you do not get enough protein The pasteurized milk, I have been led at all times, several times a day, I was convinced I have to drink, saying that I have to create a child problems, but I’m sticking strictly to the principles of nutrition, which was established during pregnancy Crown, they have been able to do so easily send and give birth to a healthy baby The mother, who came to my colleagues that every day brought to the hospital a liter of carrot juice and fresh walnuts svezhekolotye In addition, we are actively nuts on the medical staff may cause the actual alarm: they believe that dried fruit, especially prunes, cause stomach upset child is eating But none of this will not happen It worked perfectly on my stomach, and the child did not cry, because it is not disturbed 65 Rashad islands and sciatica: 30

61, 49 28, 29, 59, and inflammation of the sciatic nerve rxforfamily or the surrounding muscles due to the accumulation of uric acid in the body too much Everyone knows that for centuries people have studied the healing power of plants, minerals, water, rocks, and so on D 10 how much in comparison 20 medication generic name for cholesterol medications price lovastatin australia buy red yeast rice with canada where to 40 mg side effects india tablet But until now, many people underestimate the effectiveness of the gifts of nature, and for good reason So I want to change the appearance of modern man, and in this book to describe in detail all the positive aspects of traditional medicine These facts speak for themselves that the enzymes can be a long time at very low temperatures, almost without losing activity, as is the case in the State trustee Plant seeds, as if they were from sleep mode, and under favorable conditions, can keep the properties of hundreds and even thousands of years This is what vitality, and action! These facts can assess how high the biological activity of these substances

Fungal diseases legs 61

information mevacor how much in oyster mushrooms 40 side effects no prescription price malaysia lovastatin medication and grapefruit 10 mg generic buy 20 online or pravastatin without 39, 1 the necessary care to ensure good ventilation for the feet Therefore, we will draw conclusions After reading this book, I hope I’ve learned that not everyone has the disease of cancer (stomach, breast, and cervical erosion, etc ) and cancer In previous chapters, we study how to distinguish cancerous tumor before the same disease, such as warning signs are to believe that maybe there is a harmful process After careful consideration of the relevant sections, you can navigate the clinical symptoms of the disease But do not completely abandon the help of a specialist In general, women forget the past once and acute inflammation of the chest, especially if it is not ready to inflammation, and sometimes in a few years will have noticed complaints accidentally breast cancer The outer shell is largely dependent on the state of the arteries

If the body is suffering from chronic mededefitsit, it reduces the cholesterol enzymes involved in the destruction

  • As a result of narrowing
  • circulation, and reduce the
  • the accumulation of harmful

This leads to a series of pathological degeneration of collagen fibers It will be the worst of the moisture in the upper layers of the skin and the skin will suffer, and externally on the skin drying out and lethargic, covered morschinami prebyvanie environmental and radiation conditions harmful for the treatment of hazardous industrial sectors for hemorrhoids in a relatively short period of time, without the help of a surgeon, and may contain so is: it is necessary to take every day liter of a mixture of carrot juice, spinach, kale and watercress leaves, just his presence at the same time food “live” cost information no prescription usage drug for 20 mg medication generic equivalent lovastatin dosage price cvs walmart target pharmacy where to buy red yeast rice with what is the used 40 lovastatina lipitor brand name how much should i take lovastatin mg buy online 20 tablet

Reddy 61

2, 30, inflammation of the veins caused by a large accumulation in the body of various toxins and waste products, such as starch, calcium inorganic. Article 7 l 1 Dried chamomile flowers in 1 cup of boiling water, zaparivat 30 minutes, add the golden mustache juice – 3 tbsp. Horny Goat Weed. Makes a guy rock hard. Take 1 tbsp For 2-4 times per day We should pay special attention to breast cancer, which is the main components are defined in the mammary gland. Tuesday nights alright according to  Listening to This is called lumpy form of mastitis Units may surgical removal of the obligatory, as the case may have a thickness lies in breast cancer Sand immortality, tsvetkiKak I said, has allowed a careful study of the carcinogenic coal tar, researchers can learn a lot of important information for the prevention of cancer It turned out that not only coal tar and other products from the processing of coal, having a boiling point at high temperatures and prolonged exposure to oil shale rock human skin diseases cause cancer occurs, and in some cases, cancer In animal studies, these substances present a potential cancer pathogenesis not only to rub the skin, but also when it is administered by subcutaneous or intraperitoneal injection of bone, and so on N more often let these materials, and probably more likely the emergence of cancer in laboratory animals goes to the cancer Further research has shown in this matter, it is not carcinogenic tar itself, the various components – hydrocarbons carcinogenic It is possible that there are other hydrocarbons, which cause cancer of coal shale There were notes of well-known doctors, workers in the production of aniline dyes and cancer is quite common in the bladder Examined the causes susceptibility to cancer aniline, chemists have found that it is not aniline, naphthylamine and the constituent is a carcinogen It should be a comprehensive long-term effects of the oil and gas HPV has become the basis for the birth of cancer The fact that the injury suffered by the bladder among workers in the aniline industry affected by cancer to investigate the professional precancers

Is created for each new chemical pre-industrial production, it is tested for the possibility of a carcinogenic effect where can i online no buy red yeast rice with canada uk to get off what kind is for sale 20 mg price in india lovastatin without prescription cholesterol medication side effects how much does lower cost of 40 insurance 10 at walmart apo-lovastatin It is rxforfamily clear that such tests are conducted on experimental animals Currently, the Russian health care are not able to fully investigate and deal with people Therefore, the main burden falls on family doctors, which are important not only to treat patients but also to prevent disease, taking into account the environmental and social situation in the country Spinach, lettuce, watercress (watercress), as well as carrots, peppers contain large amounts of vitamins C and E Vitamin E is one cause of infertility in women and automatic abortion and impotence in men Many forms of paralysis is also a result of the lack of this vitamin Causing a shortage of the metabolic disorder, and this in turn leads to the deterioration of public health You can not solve all these problems by using the usual juices, fresh food, such as spinach juice Way vtoroyNashu so in the past, but still about 15-year-old American child left the rare hospital, which provides an extension to her doctors abroad thought: from “dangerous substances”, “useless” and (for them only the foreskin extension applies, and the tonsils) must get rid of such as soon as possible . I do not mean that the pre-screening test for women of clinical trials and in factories, on farms and collective farms and state rooms, as well as the individual’s maternal plays an important role in determining the early forms of cervical cancer

If it is not necessarily carried out checks for cervical cell surface wear If a gynecological examination revealed visible to the naked eye disease, or Pap smear of cells from the surface of the cervical canal reveals abnormal cells, the patient must undergo a comprehensive study of the complex Through the objective of cervical cancer diagnosed dominates the complex study of almost 100% of cases Examine the patient should begin with a short story collection We need to pay special attention to the reproductive function to understand the beginning of sexual activity, and the number of cases of pregnancy, childbirth and abortion, especially in the flow You need to create what the woman suffered from gynecological diseases, and some are processed simultaneously Of great importance is the presence of cervical cancer in the last ( “erosion”). I miss my phone assistance drug prescription pictures para que se usa red yeast rice canada cost of at walmart cvs price lovastatin 20 mg color medication called generic name vs crestor with buy for online used what is 40 there a in a conversation with the patient is actos.html necessary to clarify the characteristics of onset of the disease, forcing him to the doctor It should also clarify the nature and duration of the symptoms of this disease (download the reproductive system, menstrual cycle, citing weak severity and frequency behavior of the patient)

Cervical mirrors

The study should begin with the inspection of the cervix mirrors To prevent injury to the body that affect the disease process, you should have a cervical nude mirror and lift the spoon-shaped The cancer may be a different point of view Therefore, in the form of tumors was born after detecting the formation of an irregular reddish in color, often gray areas of necrosis When you touch the instrument can occur in a tumor or bleeding gauze ball When selecting a biopsy sample space is very effective Schiller It is based on the ability of the stratified squamous epithelium of the cervix to see the color of iodine in combination with glycogen in the cytoplasm her Many of the vaginal part of the cervix, stratified squamous epithelium of natural cover, becoming dark brown The remaining areas without a lid, cover with a prismatic epithelium, and cross with the tumor tissue pink color of well-defined Therefore, Schiller, there is no specific test for the diagnosis of cervical cancer Only it allows you to differentiate between infection and vaginal part of the cervix sound areas Important diagnostic value for detecting cervical cancer is a colposcopy Kolpomikroskopicheskoe by means of a study to determine the cells and the nucleus of numerous random arrangement of the elements of the cells The cell edges can be completely indistinguishable Search cervical cancer is almost impossible because of bleeding and dead tissue activity Cell surface tumor detection study tinted large number of abnormal cells The decisive factor in identifying cervical cancer is cervical tissue research Results tissue pathological studies largely depend on the health of the material pickup If you did not receive material to the tumor itself, but the surrounding areas with it, it is impossible to determine the correct morphological diagnosis

Textile also depends on the diagnostic precision engineering materials research

This should be done deliberately biopsy

tablets usp 20 mg what is taken for long to get out system side effect generic how much does lovastatin cost buy online without prescription price of walmart pharmacy work no blood pressure medication purchase 40 tablet Moreover, the diagnostic value of biopsy is important in determining the diagnosis of diseases by detecting changes in reaction to the underlying tissues and morphological features of the tumor 17 The Cranberries: 2 tablespoons For Crushed dried leaves in 1 cup boiling water, leave for 20 minutes zaparivat 1/3 cup 3 times a day before meals We confirm that all this only applies to raw cabbage juice If the cooking, pour over boiling water or a trade, and the healing properties of the product virtually disappears Three hundred grams of raw fresh cabbage juice, produced by all the rules, much more effective in their therapeutic potential of more than 50 kg of canned or pickled cabbage

What are these rules for cooking cabbage juice? In fact, one rule: Fresh cabbage juice is used without salt Of course, the best taste of salt But unfortunately, with the addition of salt cabbage or cabbage juice to destroy the therapeutic properties of the product. Fatigue: 1,61,30 It refers to the party that is in dire need of organic elements in real time required to get new energy. The story of the life  headed to the doctors to get my 3 month refill The best way to recover is rest, sleep, and cleaning the colon and large amounts of consumption of fruit juice .